Wednesday, 15 October 2014

When Time Comes...

                                             When Time Comes....

Dark clouds fill the sky,
Ominous thunder roars by;
The sun is gone, buried deep,
Inside clouds, piled in heaps.
There’s no light, not a ray;
Don’t even know whether it’s night or day;

I try hard to break free,
From these shackles that bind me;
The more I try, the more I fail;
Sadly, all I can do is wail!
Slowly, Slowly everything changes;
Clouds part and the sun emerges;

Night has turned into day,
My eyes see the first ray!
New hopes fill my way;
I might be an ugly caterpillar today,
 As hope wipes out my sorrow,
I know now, I’ll be a butterfly tomorrow!!

                                         -Pavithra Seshadri